Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 steps to that squeaky clean feeling

Everything feels right in the world when I have a shiny sink.  Today when I cleaned my sink I took pictures to show you just how I do it.

1. Empty the scraps out of the sink into the bin

2. Put your plugs into the dishwasher 
or else give them a good scrub with soap and hot water and set them to drain

 3. Get your soap on!
From here I like to use a brush to scrub out the sink.
Elbow grease is the main ingredient and attention to detail.
Make sure you scrub out the plug hole too!

4. Scrub it all over till there are tons of bubbles and you've covered every surface
Now take a look to see if there are any stuck on bits to conquer
5. With that done you can now rinse out the sinks and enjoy the shine!