Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bookcase rules

We've moved house a few times and something I always want to get to sorting out right away is my book case.  If it's left too long I get little heart palpitations, I start to sweat a little (attractive, no?) I start pacing and run my fingers through my hair in an agitated fashion.

It's just that a disorganised book case makes me itch, itch to get my hands on those books and put them in order.  I like all the books to be colour blocked.  Red with red, blue with blue, white with white, brown with brown and so on.  I can list all the colours if you like? Another thing is that within the colour blocked section I like my books to be from tallest to shortest.

My book case is big and it's a lot of colour that I can control and manipulate into any way I choose so why not?  It doesn't matter what order you put the colours into just whatever pleases your eye.