Tuesday, May 31, 2011

colours to love

Do you enjoy a rich palette in your home? I aspire to embracing colour more fully into my wardrobe but don't seem to have any problem at home.  At first I didn't know which direction to take with colours at home.  It has taken time and exploration of my own tastes to settle on what I like, what works and what doesn't. Shyness in the company of colour seems to have left me now thank goodness! I've painted my bombay drawers a rich turquoise, a cupboard an egg shell blue, I have also painted 2 beds as well. I find it easy to adore the splashes of red, blue, rich wooden browns, aqua, green and pink that can be found else where about the place. 
What happens colour wise at your home?  What do you love, what do you detest?