Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vanity in the bathroom

This weeks cleaning jaunt will take place in my en suite.  I use mineral make up and that stuff really does make a huge mess as it scatters on application.  That said my vanity needed a going over so I took some snaps as I went along.

The vanity is grubby and I'm ok with that because I know what to do about it!

Here are the things I use to clean my vanity.
Old toothbrush for getting into icky crevices
Old wash cloth for other surfaces and some strong bathroom cleaner

1. Wipe over all the surfaces to remove dust and any loose bits of ick.
2. Spray the cleaner all over the top of the vanity, the sink and the taps

3. Let the cleaner sit for the recommended amount of time so it can work it's magic.
4. Get into all those tiny spaces around the taps, the faucet, the plug hole, all around the edge of the sink and so on. Use more cleaner if you need to!
5. Wipe it all down with your rinsed off cloth

 6. Please don't forget to scrub the plug!

7. Viola! Shiny again!

Note: Be sure to read the back of the bathroom cleaner you choose to use and be sure it is safe to use on your bathroom surfaces.