Thursday, June 23, 2011

clean it like you own it!

Source: via M. on Pinterest

Have you even watched that classic old show 'Bewitched'?  When there's a lot to do I wish I could just twitch my nose and it was all magically done. I had an inspection a few weeks ago and was pleased that I just had to touch up a few area's to feel ready.  I wiped over basins and vacuumed and of course the all vital tidy up.  We have 3 children so there is always the obligatory 'tidy up'!
It pleased me no end that I didn't need to do a big spring clean and it go me thinking.  Why was that?! Then I thought about my routine and although we don't own this home I treat it like I own it.  It's a pleasure to clean and to keep clean and that it's a huge blessing.  We've lived in many different homes over the years but this one has the best layout of all of them.  So let's clean it like we own it!