Thursday, June 2, 2011

soaking is a snap - with a PS

I always have a bucket of 'soak' on the go.  It makes stain removal so much easier to just be able to toss the offending article straight into a bucket of soaky soapy stain removing goodness.  I especially like to throw in my dish cloths and tea towels so that they are fresh out the other end of the wash. Nothing worse then doing the folding and finding a nasty stain on your favourite tea towel!

Do you soak too?


Because I'm washing every other day my soak is never left long. 

To start I always fill the bucket with hot hot water and then put the powder in. Doing it in that order means the bucket won't foam up too much and I can achieve the correct water to powder ratio. 

Another thing I find that helps is that I have a wooden stirrer, I use it stir the water about to make sure the powder is dissolved and to poke the clothes down into the soak with. 

Something else I'm sure to do it to use a good quality soaker such as sard oxy plus (sensitive touch) or napisan

As far as method when I see something just got spilt on I take action straight away. Some times things slip past so when I doing my regular wash I keep an eye out when I'm sorting my colours. 

To combat stains I've found rinsing it with just plain water right away can be really helpful and then popping the item straight into the soak.

Obviously don't put colours in with whites friends. Once the item has been soaked and I'm ready to do my wash I treat the stain again with a trigger spray stain remover if it looks like it might be a particularly pesky one! 

Be sure to always follow directions on the back of the soaker. For me I feel that above all else buying the best quality I can afford really helps and finding a brand I'm happy with too!

Happy soaking love's!