Thursday, June 30, 2011

some do and some don't

For me cleaning is a matter of 4 essential things.
1. Technique
2. Habit
3. Motivation
4. Attitude

Technique: Using the correct of most effective technique in cleaning get's a pleasing result. If I know what 'tools' I'll need and from which angle to approach the job it get's done faster so I can go play.

Habit: If I have a no brainer schedule it just becomes habit and not hassle. Pleasure not pain.

Motivation: Some times in spite of having good cleaning habits I need a motivator to get my clean on.  So there are a couple of go to things that inspire me to 'good works'. The first is the satisfaction I get from having a clean home, that sense of light unburdened happiness. Another is the joy of those around me.  Being the person that's home the most I feel like it's mainly my job to keep our home running all spiffy. Lastly is humiliation.  Yep the good old embarrassment of having things looking blech when some one drops by.  Works for me!

Attitude: I've seen lots of little signs that say things like 'bless this mess' or 'this house was clean last week, sorry you missed it' or 'a clean house is a sign of a wasted life'.  They all make me cringe.  There is a lot to be gained from having a good attitude toward cleaning.  Here's how mine goes.  "I know this needs doing, I like the feeling I get when it's done so let's get started!" I want to be a good example to my children in a number of areas and showing them that a clean home makes us all happy is a great way to start.

*As a little note I understand that not everyone is the same.  Some struggle or haven't been taught the joys of clean.  My home is not spotless all the time, I get busy, I go out some days and so on but I do love it when I get it whipped into shape.