Monday, June 20, 2011

stimulating monotony

Cooking is full of what some would call monotony.  Perish the thought! When it's late or I'm in a hurry it can seem less than awesome but when I have time I love to enjoy all that cooking has to offer my senses.  Cooking is almost a meditation some times.  Many cooking tasks are rhythmic and soothing.  Stirring, chopping, peeling, piping, kneading, rolling, shredding, beating, whipping and so on.  The sounds in the kitchen really feed my soul.  I love the gurgly tune of a bubbling stew or the gentle pop of a boiling pot. I love the sound of slicing a lemon in half with a sharp knife on a wooden board.  The tok-tok sound when plucking herbs from the stem and the sizzle of meat into a hot pan.  That my friends is where the soul of cooking lies and why I love it like I do.