Tuesday, September 27, 2011

lunchbox light bulb moments

Do you write out your dinner menu for the week? I LOVE doing that. Sometimes I switch a few dishes around as the mood strike but mostly we stick pretty closely to what's up on the white board.

Have you ever thought to write up a menu for your kids lunch boxes too? I honestly just dreamed this up in the last week and when the though came to me I had one of those forehead slapping moments "Why haven't I thought of this before!?"

Another thing that's making life easier is segmented containers for lunch time. My littles really like having options with their food so by splitting up the sandwich filling from the bread is exciting for them. That way they can choose to fill their sandwich or just eat a salad and some buttered bread separately. I send a fork along too so that they can decide if it's fingers or forks.

Would you like some lunch box recipes idea's?