Thursday, September 1, 2011

spring into cleaning!

Spring is the season that makes me feel energetic and motivated. Does it have the same effect on you? What better time to freshen things up then the beginning of spring. Let's face it spring cleaning takes time too, don't pressure yourself to get it all done in one day even just doing one two rooms a day will get it done in a week or so.I like to do my spring clean in two pronged attack declutter and scrub!

Systematically go through robes, cupboards, shelves, toy boxes and so on until you've cleared all that you no longer, use, love or need. I like to donate my 'unwanteds' to friends or shelters. It can take some time but I find that once I'm in the declutter zone it takes me just a day or two. If you have a partner or kids it's a great opportunity to get them involved and to work together. I always feel SO much lighter and happy after a decent declutter. If you need some declutter and organisation inspiration Peter Walsh is the Oracle!

Put on your cleaning clothes, put on your favourite tunes and throw open your windows and let the spring breezes flow through.

Think top to bottom. Do all the mess stuff first and do things like vacuuming and mopping last so you don't have to do it over again.

I like to start with the duster and get all those tricky spots done. Tops of cupboards, high shelves, cornices and so on. Then get down low and dust behind your furniture, pull things out from the wall. Really go to town! Leave the furniture pulled out you can slide it back later. Be sure to dust your blinds and launder your window shades too. If you have extractor fans in your bathroom(s) give those a going over too.

From there go ahead and clean all the mirrors in your house along with the fronts of your bathroom and kitchen cupboards. While you're at it clean the outside of your shower screens if they haven't been don't in a while. If your have a shower curtain this is a good opportunity to take it down and give it a thorough clean.

Pull everything out of your fridge and freezer and give all the surfaces a wash with some lovely soapy water. I like to give it a final spray with a mixture of vanilla and water to make it feel extra fresh. Be sure to wipe the bottoms all all the bottles, jars and containers that go back into the fridge so they don't undo all your great work. Move the fridge out from the wall too and give it a clean.

Clean your oven, microwave and range hood.

Wash your windows, clean the tracks and vac the fly screens.

Check the batteries in your smoke detectors too!

Clean your light switches and electrical sockets. Don't spray directly onto them though! Make up an antiseptic and water solution and dip a cloth into it. Wring it out till the cloth is only damp then get into it. If there are hard to reach crevices that the cloth just isn't getting to I like to use a damp cotton bud.

Lastly vacuum! Make sure you have a fresh bag (if you're machines not bagless) in your machine, nothing breaks your stride like having to switch mid vac. Vacuum up all that lovely dust you've just stirred up and since your furniture's pulled out get in behind and under if all two. Don't forget to shift the beds if you can manage. Get stuck into any rugs you have too and give them an extra through going over.

Well done you!