Wednesday, October 12, 2011

are you a planner too?

How soon is too soon to be gathering Christmas gifts? I find my mind is begining to be drawn to collecting trinkets and treasures from my littles christmas stockings. As far as gifts I usually stick to the 3 only rule of 
1.something to read
2. something to wear 
3. something to play with 
but stockings *pause* are another matter! I like to include a few good quality little trinkets, a pair of gymboree undies (very cute!) and then fill the rest with things like a packet of chips and a tin of their favourite drink (takes up a lot of space!). It's really fun to see their faces when they unpack their stockings, these things are really treats for them!
So are you stocking up on things through the year or do you leave it more toward the December end of the year? What kind of things do you put in your kids Christmas stockings?