Thursday, October 20, 2011

art I heart

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

I loved art in high school. It opened up a new world of colour, texture and gorgeousness. I remember seeing a year 12 student working with a teacher on a abstract piece. She was saying "Now which direction are you going to take it?" he would make another brush stroke and comment on the rooster he was painting. I couldn't see it but apprently he and the teacher could. I really wished I could to.
We have an incredible gallery here in our home town and a blissful day for me involves a visit to the gallery then off for a facial where I can relax and relieve in peace all the beauty and stimuli I've just seen.
My favourite of the moment is Van Gogh. His embrace of vibrant colour really floats my boat. Did you know the word is that he didn't actually commit suicide but that he was accidently shot. Poor fella. Am glad he painted all he did.
Source: via Holly on Pinterest