Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the humble egg - scrambled

Dear Readers,
Do you pummle your eggs into submission thinking it will make them more delicious? It's time to stop my friends. I want to share my basic scrambled egg recipe and there is NO whisking, beating, blending or any other such business. An egg barely interfered with is best of all. Trust me, yes? My suggestions toward the best scrambled eggs are go gently with the mixing and don't over cook them. Eating a rubbery chewy dried out mass isn't a good start to the day.

Uncomplicated Scrambled Eggs
serves 1
2 eggs
(3 if you're feeling especially starved)
2 tbsp cream
salt and pepper
fresh chives chopped tiny (if you have them)

Crack the eggs into a small bowl
Using a fork piece the yolks and gently swish the eggs about in the bowl being sure NOT to completely incorporate the yolk and white together. Only swish them till they look a third of the way completely mixed.
Add the cream and stir just a little more so the cream if mostly stirred through.
Pop in a pan on low with a little oil.
Move the eggs gently about with a flat slotted turner. I beg of yous don't over cook the eggs, just cook them till the bottom is cooked then turn the wobbly side over into the pan and switch off the heat. Let the eggs finish cooking while you get out your plate, drink of juice and the salt and pepper.
Season to taste then transfer the eggs to your plates and scatter the chives on top.
Eat up buttercup!