Friday, October 7, 2011

lick your plate burgers

Remember I mentioned burgers in my aioli post? Well here is part 2, the rest of the recipe. I think the patty, condiments and stacking order are the crucial parts of a burger so it's important to at least get those three things spot on.

Lick Your Plate Burgers

800g 3 star mince (fat adds flavour)
1 onion grated
a pinch of chilli flakes
1 slice of stale whole meal bread
1 tsp french's mustard
pinch of nutmeg
1 egg
fresh cracked pepper

take the bread and chop it up as finely as you can, think crumbs and rubble sort of consistency
add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix it up thoroughly
shape into burgers the approximate same size and shape as the buns and make them about 2.5cm-3+cm thick
place them onto a plate, cling wrap the plate and pop them into the fridge for 15 mins while you make the aioli
heat a nice light olive oil in a pan to a medium heat and pop the burgers into the pan
let them cook for about 3 mins on each side and set them into a warm oven while you cook the rest and prep your buns and salad

Now for the stacking!
split your bun
aioli both sides instead of butter, don't be too generous as it's pretty tangy
stacking in this order
warm burger
2 slices of tasty cheese
2 slices of vine ripened tomato
baby cos lettuce

Eat up buttercup!