Friday, November 25, 2011

bye bye birdie

Last night my family and I were privileged to be included in our American friends Thanksgiving celebrations. What a beautiful holiday it is! I wish our Australia day was a bit more like Thanksgiving. Wouldn't it be nice to go around the table and express our gratitude?

Our hostess Sara prepared a delicious turkey along with sultana, walnut and herb slow cooker stuffing. Isn't that a genius idea?! Leah and I supplied the sides of freshly baked bread, sweet potatoes with bacon, potato bake and fresh buttered green beans. It didn't take long for a 14 strong army of hungry people to take care of "Bertha" (Sara named the turkey!) and it was divine.

Celebrations are so much more than food though aren't they? The company and good feelings amongst those there really take it from simply a shared meal to a celebration.