Monday, December 5, 2011

like a creamy potato salad?

I love potato salad but only make it for special occasions. It does take a little bit a planning and boiling the eggs put me off. In the past I've been really hit and miss with my egg boiling in the past. Saturday I got it dead perfect though and am sticking to it!

Potato Salad by DDS

5 large potatoes peeled
5 eggs
1 cup miracle whip or your favourite mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream
salt to taste (2-3 tsp?)
2 spring onions chopped finely
3 table spoons fresh chives chopped finely
2 sticks of celery trimmed and cut up teeny tiny

cut the potatoes into large bit sized chunks
boil in salted water until just tender
drain water immeditately
in the mean time pop the eggs into a sauce pan where they fit snug but have a bit of jiggle room too
fill the saucepan up with cold water and set it to on a high heat
with a wooden spoon gently stir the eggs around contantly until they water begins to boil
turn the water down a touch so it's still boiling but not volcanic
put the timer on for 5 minutes
once the timer sounds remove the pot from the hob and pour the water out
let cold tap water run into the saucepan until the eggs feel cool to the touch
peel the eggs
in a small bowl add the miracle whip, sour cream 2 tbsp chives, all the spring onion and *salt to taste, mix thoroughly
cut the eggs into 4 and place them into a large bowl, add the cooled potatoes, celery and the wet ingredients
stir gently
scoop into your serving bowl and garnish with remaining chives

*I like this part a little over salted so that when it's all combined with the egg and potato it tastes just right
**if you're the bacon eating type try sizzling up 3 rashes and letting them cool, cut them up finely and mix in at the end