Saturday, July 21, 2012

fluffy clouds and sweet memories

The past few months it feels like we've spent almost every Saturday working around the house.  Today I put my foot down! Time to have some fun instead.  We LOVE the weather here.  Today the kids were in short sleeves and shorts!  It's the middle of July people! Unheard of for us.  We'd usually be pumping our ducted heating, snuggling under blankets and trying to find enough indoor activities to amuse us till November.
The best part of my day was honestly watching the kids play on the beach.  I thought about running around with them but really just wanted to watch and absorb.  They are so lively, sweet natured and gorgeous kids.  They don't complain about staying home, I could see though that we need to do this more often. Let the vacuuming wait till sundown, put chores aside till later and get out! It really is so good for our insides, fresh air clears the head, being near the water is so soothing and something about running around no shoes, as they please leads to less bickering amongst the littles. I'm so grateful to be a Mummy.