Tuesday, August 7, 2012

are you listening Australia?!

Dear Australia,
I have a request to make.  Can we please get on board with the sweet pie movement of the United States?  The picture I've included is a chocolate pie with orange scented cream that I made recently.  Rumour is that it was delicious! I think it's time to move past the frozen pie from the supermarket and get brave enough to make our own.  There are SO many gorgeous options out there, all involving easily accessible ingredients and beginner methods.  Let's get excited about this and give pies a place in mainstream dessert fare.
Think of the possibilities! Coconut cream, banana cream, turtle, cherry, lemon meringue, black forrest, chocolate orange with a hint of nutmeg, blueberry, strawberry, mixed berry cream, banana caramel cream, chocolate chip ...dribble, drool, slurp!
Who's with me?!
Email me you're creations and I'll share them here on the blog.