Monday, August 13, 2012

delightfully simple Snow White

Book week is coming up quickly isn't it? I'm not a great last minute costume-thrower-together so I started asking the kids a few weeks back what they planned to dress as.  One of the girls chose Snow White. I was thrilled! She is my favourite princess by far.  Maybe because her hair is short, there's no pink to be seen and she's glitter free.

BUT when my little strongly suggested the nylon, glittery, plastic jewel encrusted Snow White disney dress up version in target but I just couldn't pull the trigger. I mean $60...on sale?! No. I started saying things like "Our whole family could go out for dinner AND an ice cream for $60" or "That's twice what I pay for a pretty church dress for you!" I had a plan beyond "No!" though!

We had a quick look at SW on my phone then raced to the fabric store.  Today is a holiday so I finally committed and got down to the business part of sewing the costume not just procrastinating dusting off the sewing machine.  Here's a tutorial on the speediest skirt ever! Most disney princess costumes can be similarly deconstructed into a coloured skirt and top combination with a few little extra's. This way or making a costume is a comfortable, breathable, wallet friendly alternative.

WARNING: I've never had a sewing lesson. I have never tried to follow a pattern. I "invented" this skirt making method 6 years ago. I class my sewing genre as amateur freestyle.

yellow cotton fabric (make sure it's not too sheer)
white cotton lace (approximately double the length of the fabric)
thick comfy elastic
yellow thread
sewing machine
measure tape

I didn't measure my daughter. I eyeballed her in the store then asked the woman behind the counter to "show me 1.2" till it "looked right" (see above warning - freestyle!)

When it came to cutting the fabric I measure from her belly button to mid calf and added about 7cm for hems.

Cut your fabric to length as above.

Iron it all over then double fold the bottom hem and iron.

pin the cotton lace onto the ironed hem with a small gather at 2 finger widths apart

simultaneously sew the hem and lace using a straight stitch

join the two short edges together, wrong side around, being sure that the top hem and bottom hem are even and straight. sew together

back to your ironing board and fold over your top hem. I didn't trim the salvage so just folded it once knowing it won't fray (clever or lazy?)

before sewing the top hem remember you need to leave an opening to wriggle the elastic into. go ahead and sew with a little forward, backward, forward. LEAVE AN OPENING.

measure the elastic around your child's waist and snip it to size. take the elastic and a nice big safety pin and pin it to one end. pin the other end of the elastic near the opening. using the safety pin, wriggle the elastic into the long thin pocket you've sewn until it's come out the other end.

sew the elastic together and sew the opening shut.

turn the skirt right way out and reflect on how clever you are! Add a royal blue top and red cape to finish the costume.  Capes are easy to sew too!