Tuesday, September 11, 2012

delicate thoughts

Some families are delicate spidery pieces of lace interwoven and at times tenuous. Others are a thick woollen rug with little that can damage them.  The beauty of a family is shaped with rich experiences of both pleasure and pain. Children, adults and the elderly all have a part and something to offer to the ever evolving pattern, whether it be lace or a woollen rug.

At times stains appear and it can take more than one person to find the right mix to correct the damage.  Reputations may be soiled by those that are hurting, hearts broken unknowingly and feelings swollen. There is so much light and inner peace that can be found in loving those that don't love us the way we would hope. We can love from afar and with a love more pure than gifts, shared holidays and deep conversation. We can love in the way we know God sees them, with the potential and celestial roots. We can wish them well and leave them to continue weaving their lives pattern. How ever you family is woven I hope you have joy in your situation and contentment in your circumstances.