Tuesday, September 4, 2012

oven dried strawberries - the most gorgeous of all dried fruit

Do you love a good before and after? Me too! Meee toooo! Some times I google images of before and afters because I want to say "WOW!"

I think strawberries are really gorgeous looking fruit.  When you pick your own you notice how glossy the skin is, the shade of the fruit and the pretty little flowers of the plant.  I went strawberry picking recently and having a particularly greedy eye when it comes to strawberries I well and truly over filled my basket.  I was spilling berries all the way back to the shed to pay for my haul!
Getting home and gorging on berries then realising there's no way you or the 4 other people in your house can get through them before they turn bad (tragedy!) your mind starts whirring. Save the berries! How about dehydrating these little delights?!

Oven Dried Strawberries

Approximately 1kg of berries hulled

Turn your oven on as slow as it will go and allow to preheat for 10 minutes. Most ovens lowest temp is about 120 degrees.

Space the racks of your oven evenly apart

Take cookie sheets and cover them with baking paper

Space the berries evenly apart on the cookie sheets and slice especially large ones in half

Pop into the oven for 8 hours

Check at 6 hours and see what you think

Some of ours still had little gooey bits after 8 hours because I didn't slice them but they cooled to a delicious chewy texture

The result isn't especially pretty BUT is extraordinarily delicious. Like little chewy pieces of innocent jammy goodness. So indescribably beautiful!