Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the nurture and care of children

I actually thought I didn't want to have children.
The longer I'm a Mum, the more I cherish the experience and soak it in.
To be real there are stressful times but on the whole I feel so really, very lucky.
Lucky to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for hungry and grateful tummies.
Lucky to create little traditions like the "Lady Lunch."
Lucky to have so much love from such darling little people.
The example and innocence of children is so intoxicating.
I relish the opportunity to fold their little clothes, wipe childish tears, cut up little pieces of orange, drawing pictures together, vacuum up the dried up tit bits of playdoh, give piggy backs, take walks to the park, fill bubble baths, trip over dress ups, read to them, tell secrets to, giggle with, teach them to pray, and tuck them into snuggly little beds with a kiss goodnight. I'm in it, with all my heart.