Thursday, October 11, 2012

steak, my favourite way

My brother worked in a beautiful restaurant when he was in his late teens.  I waitressed there a few times but would rather have been eating there instead. The chef magic'd up the gorgeous steak and it has been my favourite ever since.

scotch fillet with brie and cracked pepper

Olive oil
1 piece of beautifully marbled scotch fillet
3 slices of brie sliced .5cm thick
fresh cracked pepper

Pat the steak with paper towel and season with salt
Warm the pan and add oil
Cook your steak in a hot pan to your liking
Put the steak under the grill for approximately 1minute
Pop onto a plate and top immediately with brie and pepper

Enjoy the oozing, delicious, silky topping while the pepper pops with flavour.