Friday, October 4, 2013

how to sort and store kids out of season clothing - the easy way

1. Bring together ALL the clothes that need storing in a large area like the main bedroom. 

2. Using masking tape write the sizes you are storing onto strips, tape sizes to the ground and start tossing the clothes into their size piles. 

3. One pile at a time fold and place into a plastic box mwith a snap on lid arked with the corresponding size. (I chose not to mix sizes as a general rule)

4. Stack those boxes up and feel satisfied. 

I wrote the sizes onto masking tape and taped to the boxes so that in years to come this is easily removable. 

Clothing that was sized 6-8 for example went into the size 6 pile. Whatever the lower number was seemed to make sense. 

I stored all the shoes separately and in an open container. 

Next season my kids will "shop the box" before we buy any new clothing.