Thursday, November 21, 2013

Printable Christmas Planner

Three of my favourite words have been combined into on very clever little holiday helper.

Printable - Because it's instant gratification. No waiting by the mail box. No having to drive to the shop just click and print! So good.

Christmas - Obviously!

Planner - If I couldn't write lists and check them twice I'd explode into a disgusting disorganized chaos oblivion. I have to keep track of everything with so much going on between home, school, church, friends and family. Is that true for you too?

I'm bursting out of my skin excited about this fabulous Christmas planner by Lyndsay Johnson. Have you seen her cute etsy store yet? It's so colourful and clever. You can get your super handy 2013 Christmas planner here for a tiny $3.29 AUD or$3 USD! Such small change for a smooth running holiday season. Check out the gorgeous details below.

Make room for fun!

Beautiful gift tags, such a thoughtful inclusion. 

What is Christmas without a little shopping?

Keep on track with all the parties and festivities. 

Wishing you a bunch of happy planning!